Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What makes turquise and red coral such a beautiful couple

I have posted my recent small work earings, these ones...

It was in one forum and one lady nicely commented that the turquoise and coral is her favourite combination. She was so delighted. So this made me think that it  (meaning the combination) really looks exceptional, interesting, contrasting, beautiful and spicy.

Red Coral and Turquoise

Those both colours are in the opposite direction on the colour wheel. They are contrasting colours, so they look best when you give just a bit in the piece of jewellery.




So the turquoise is the  colour of the sea but beneath there is a coral reef and the colourful fish. So those colours are colours of summer. The combo evokes  a sunrise or sunset, in shades of coral and red coral.

The combo also might be associated with Tibet.  Turquoise and coral are precious and widely used gemstones in Tibetan jewellery . Coral is known to be used as a gem since prehistoric times. Has a history of religious meaning and is one of the seven treasures in Buddhist scriptures. Turquoise is one of the world's earliest-used gem materials. Ranked with the jades of the Orient and lapis in the Near East, turquoise has been revered for thousands of years. Coral was long thought to be a strong talisman against bleeding, evil spirits, and hurricanes.(From tibetartwork )

 It has been seen in fashion lately whith the famous trend of colour blocking.Of ourse there is a twist to the true coral. And it is possible to see in houses of the daring ones or maybe more in summer houses :)


As my favourite technique right now is bead embroidery (I hope it will be for longer :) I have seen some nice pieces of bead embroidery in those both colours taken together.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Summery flowers and some beads

Hi :) I imensely like summer though there is not enough time for beading, there is never enough time, yet I try to follow my passion, I enjoy the pictures and read more than bead ;(.  We with the family have been spending a lot of time outdoors just walking or resting; I have taken some pics.

I had luck to complete my order for a present, I bought a box for it as well. I have used some onyx stones here, some pearls, some toho sead beads and  Chinese sead beads as I have plenty of them. I decided that I like a slow process better than the hurrying to complete an order. That was frustrating.Yet the result is delighting.

So my bead embroidery necklace A Black Dream.

This could be matched with a summery bracelet, I have used some black onyx stones and some metal details, some jump rings. I like the floral theme the flowers and the tiny trees... :)

Happy beading!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

An embelished shoe- tutorial

So hello, if you are a reader.

A small project I have taken on, yet it wasn;t so short, I don't know why it takes so long, mayvbe my inexperience is to blame. Anyways let's get down to the tutorial:

You need:
  • shoes that you don not want to throw away, which you are tired of or can't use :)
  • scissors
  • thread (I sused a simple Coats thread, but I always double go through the beads)
  • textile glue
  • beads
  • material aida14 or any other for the bead embroidery
  • leather straps
  • felt straps
  • a clasp (though it possible to use buttons, snaps, ribbons)
Here we goooo:

So let's take this naughty shoe, I have lost its straps- therefore it was lying useless... Take the shoe, and take the leather straps,

or you might take one strap of leather it is up to you...

Stick the leather strap through the shoe hole

Prepare two straps of one long, for bead  emroidery sew the edges, prepare well, you probably know how. :)
 Take the beads of your selectio I have chosen white ones of different finishes, a bit greenish and ivorish ones. And transparent beads.

Embroider your straps with bigger beads first, some pearls, some corals (white).

Like that , for example ....

Glue them on the leather straps, sew the clasp very well, as it will be torn and worn :), stick the felt on the inner side, sew with white beads around to coneal different materials: and here you go a shoe has a beaded unique strap, you might also add a coboshon on the front, might decorate how you like.

Happy beading!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Some new bead embroidery items

I wanted to transform the unwanted earings into something more suitable, but in reality it worked out only to steal the shape, as they would be too thick if I had stuck embroidery on both sides.

 I would call them A Blue Lagoon. The colour isn't my favourite so I noticed that it took longer than I expeted to bead. Unfortunatelly blue isn't my cup of tea, jsut dark blue is beautiful/

So still what sould I do with the un wanted earings? I have cut out the details.

And another work, I have done - I finished it today though the detail was started back in March, I am proud of myself that I haven't quited, I restarted embroidering again two days ago. An dhere it is Fantasmagoria:

Happy beading!!! G