Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A necklace- A secret

Glad to be back with another post, it is nothing special just to show my most recent creation "The Secret".

The rope is in Russian Spiral- inspired by this post IB, the rope's tutorial is here Russian spiral  very lovely and easy to make, very soft and draping.

The stone is so mosaicy - very colourful and I used some bead embroidery to complement its colours.

Happy beading and trying some new techniques (which I am sure you do) ;)


Monday, October 29, 2012

Black and gold

Is till black and gold in fashion? If it is not- black for sure is, shiny things and baroque items- YES! We can take a look at Paris fashion week.

Black and gold combination is a very luxurious one, "hit and not miss one"- So I tried once again to try this colour combo. My previouswork is here too ;)

So the latest a cuff and earings I have called just "Black and gold". Nothing very fancy. For the first time I have tried to use sequins, I have taken them off my older t-shirt.

 How to style the black and gold- just use your old trusty little black dress :)

Happy sequiny beading.

Ps Can sequins inspire you?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Some work update

My work update needs to be done here

I am today working on RUSSIAN SPIRAL here is the tutorial inspired here I like it so far will use in my future bead embroidery project.

I need to create a present for a Christmas swap- looking forward to that :).

And some recent work-
Here is my plan :)
I sewed a really simple dog mat- actually two for a dog shelter and for my friend's dog :)

Some hair acessories for my daughter

Some gifts - mostly earings-

And my lovliest piece

A Bird- bead embroidery brooch- pendant, and chain- very simple one
"My precious"
It is convertable

Happy wingy beading