Monday, December 30, 2013

Two new pieces

Hi - oh i feel so much better after Christmas, all ,my creative energy is coming back, I don't know what it was- cannot understand. However, it isn't that I don't like Christmas, but this period just makes me numb in terms of jewellery making- it is as it is. Anyways.... two newer pieces (sorry for the poor quality my better camera hasn't been repaired yet. )

A set with polimer clay faces ("The Lady")
I have included toho beads, blue pearls, "swarovski", square beads. It is bead embroidery and herringhbone :)
The second piece is called "The Lady in  black and white" I did a bit of herringbone , then just strung some beads and joined them with the leather string. Of course there is soutache ;)

Happy beading just enjoy little pieces ;)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Impressions from the Town Hall Square

Hi- sorry for the absence ;(
A knitted eco Santa is holding his Santa's cap
Just a quick reminder to myself that I do have a blog- ;). I am all into sewing- but yet... some pictures from our trip to the Christmas tree in the town hall square here in Kaunas, in Lithuania- but no beads ;).

This Christmas tree it is a real work of art- was made well,  it was knitted of plastic bags- later they all will be recycled- hopefully. Just amazing view- the created Angels are rotating, they have been made by individual artists. Just some quick pictures from our trip. Wonderful work from the artists and volunteers....
It's inside the tree- rotating angels

We're outside- impressive ornaments all over ;)

From further
Enjoy winter no matter how cold and horrible it can be (today the first great snow fell)....

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Plastic bottle caps not like beads but... (+a tutorial)

Hi once again,

I have helped my daughter's kindergarten group to take part in bottle caps collecting and reusing into a sort of work of art competition. The kids are 5 years old, and we have a very eager and nice kids' teacher Nijolė Karalienė. :)

I have made a spider and she and the kids have decorated the board with caps.
A mini tutorial how I made this quick spider- octopus to decorate the bottle cap mosaic board:)
You need:
  •  fabric
  • sewing machine
  • pins,threads, sharp scissors
  • stuffing (you can use cotton wool or old scraps of fabric)
  • plastic bottle caps
Take your fabric, I used hand woven linen (totally from my stash- made by my grandmother in law (can I say about my hubby's granny?). Use the shape which you want, I used a dish to cut a circle.

Then cut the long strips along all length from selvage to salvege and sew in side out sort of legs, then turn outside. Stuff with the stuffing, I used scissors.
You have the number of legs that you need, I made 8, the picture of four:
Then pin the legs to the side of your circle, sew one side then the other:
Turn inside out- here you have a gap, later I sewid by hand with an invisible stich:
 Take the bottle caps, make holes, fasten them to the spider I used beads on top. So here is our spider at last with some bottle caps, then I glued with hot glue gun the bottle caps on top:
Here is my daughter with her teacher N.Karaliene (at Piene kindergarten in Kaunas), bottle caps were collected by kids and parents, kids took part too):
Here is the voting and all the other bottle cap projects: Kamsteliu Vajus 2013:
Have a happy day, have fun reusing ;)

Black Sultan's Treasure

Hello, it is incredible how the time has been passing, we are heading into late autumn. Now in front of my window, there are bare trees and a shabby apple tree with a couple of red cold apples, droplets of rain are hanging off black branches... Seems so calm. Oh I have a cup of coffe in front of me just now and it is cosy, with children's voices in another room... Oh as for my beading....I do, yes.

I have admired this pattern in Beadwork magazine (pattern by Maria Teresa Moran), it is called Sultan's Treasure. All the bracelets there are so colourful, I have made ablack version. Here is the name Black Sultan's Treasure.
Add caption
 Now it is for my client, if the bugle beads are not comfortable for her wrist I will sew a black cahmere lining under and fasten the bracelet on to it ;) I like the magnetic clasp, it is more expensive but quick like lightning ;)

Here are other versions of Sultan: Sultan's treasure by Almona Beads , by musicalbunny18 there are so many beautiful versions.
Thanks for visiting dear beaders and friends ;) See your very soon. ;)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

My watch- RAW bead decoration on leather

Hi I have created a sort of watch. Here is a tutorial or explanation  how I did it:

You need:
  • leather
  • beads
  • square beads
  • watch face
  • thread/fishing line/fireline/bead needle/strong needle/thumbler
Make as many rows of right angle weave (RAW) as you need I made 4 by 11; then I decorated with square beads, made a picot fringe:

Then attach to the watch face with the fireline, secure; go through the holes several times.
Take a piece of leather of any colour that you like- sew the sides with a sewing machine or by hand
Sew the watch bracelet carefully onto the leather. Sew some fastening like buttons or anything really. Cover with another piece of suede maybe, glue with jewellery glue or if you don't have could use Moment Cristal.

Here is the final result...
"Along autumn paths"
So the autumn is really in a nice  wonderful phase there is nowadays....

How is your autumn beading going?

Have an awsome week :)
PS I have taken some pictures today; near where we live. There is a river flowing beautiful views especially in colourful autumn...:
nice red and yellow colour mixture
sort of mushrooms
nice crown of leaves
greetings from my daughter ;)


Wristlets/Fingerless gloves

Hi. ...Just some pictues to show my felt sewn and bead decorated wristlets o fingeless gloves... I was inspired by this video by Professor Pincushion. If you wish you can make the same and have fun as I did :)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

A leather bracelet and earings "Triangles"

Hi, dear dear readers. ;)
I  haven't written for a week... during that time no time for my creative work at all it is a pity of course...

This bracelet is made of leather, with machine sewn triangles...Naturally came the name "Trieangles"  There is  a bit of bead embroidery, brick stich elements; it is  very hard to bead embroider- I used pliers  :) The centre is "a friend" of a lost earing. It was request from my colleague. So I hope she liked it I liked making it.
 Happy beading
PS Do you use a mix of techniques?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sewing a jewellery travel case- a tutorial

Hello once again- back in summer I have made a case  for my jewellery because I am all about beads ;) it seams, and it is very hard to decide what exact piece to take with me on a trip, so I take quite a lot, depending on my outfits.... So it is very useful to make sewn jewellery holder...
You need:
  • a sewing machine (or your hands and patience- alooot of) 
  • scissors, aruller, thread, iron, zippers (optional)- I have made without
  • scraps of material for posckets
  • felt for embelishment
  • the main material
So let's get going....
1. take anything what is a beautiful bigger scrap of fabric- I recycled my daughters unworn head scarf- these are cheap and colourful:

 2. Fold your material in half, take paper for pockets measurement if you have a special ruller and a rotary cutter- you just do it.
3. Take your scraps for pockets- I made 4 bigger and one smaller.
4. Cut them, sew right sides together, leave a small gap, take the outside out :)
5. Sewn they look like this, fpor contrast I bent the rim, and iron iron iron, it is the key...
6. Sew them nicely, first pin of course.
7. Sew a certain binding, I ironed before, use a very coordinating thread.
8. Pinb pin pin and sew

9. Here is the finished piece from inside:
10. Make felt roses and a tie from some strechy material.
And here it is:

PS My another sewing venture that I have done a tote bag :

Happy beading and making for next summer ;)