Thursday, July 25, 2013

My bead embroidery crazy necklace

Time for butterflies, I was infected with butterfly virus in the forum, so just had fun with beads I made this bead embroidery pendant "In the Butterfly Wings"-

The pendant can be used as a decoration for a car dashboard (for girly girls ;)) or as a part of hair accsesory if to make it smaller ;)

Have a nice day, bead rockers  ;)

A geometric necklace

A bit later than I made I will write about my piece, I have called it "Kampuotasis" that means angular so the set is called "Angular". Farfalle beads are used predominantely The necklace is according to a pattern from a book Great Designs for Shaped beads- peanuts and berries

There is a Pinterest board of jewellery where farfalle (berry or peanut) beads are used- here . The free tutorial of another element using farfalle beads is here- at the beading Butterfly .

On the whole the pattern was tricky i have strugled with it for two days, but just because i don't have much patience with patterns, but then decided that I will stick to it, so it was fun in the end.

Happy beading and using different shaped beads ;)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

About free photo collage page that I use

Hi ;) Just a quick one-  I found a cool place to make collages with your photos:

I made this collage this morning :) I like this page a lot- there are a lot of free possibilities (layouts, patterns, adding text etc) - there aren't any paid ones- so it is really really cool.

As for  my picture of upcyscled corn can ;) I turned into my craft desk organizer for left over beads :) This is my original post here. There are similar projects on Pinterest (crafters' shrine ;))))

How do ypu create your collages?

Monday, July 15, 2013

My new necklace

So just one more necklace improvising on the leaf component (a post  here and tute is  here )- which seems quite got me in ;)

A seed bead necklace "Holidays memories"  toho seed beads, agates, Moon Beads glass beads. It includes peyote and herringbone stiches.

The dominant colour is sea green though in the picture it looks like turqoise.

Here are some pictures for colour inspirations:

Fights of Fancy
Fights of Fancy

Fights of Fancy

Friday, July 12, 2013

Organize the beads sort of a tutorial: some patchworking

I have noticed that so many beads could be just gone. I decided to make a bin for them, big enough, stress free. I glued the material around the can, so it  is just that. Now my orphan beads have a new nicer home on my desk.

 I reused the can .

Where do you put your left over beads? ;)

Some new pieces- playing with wire crochet

I made the earings back in May. But I had one blue stone left, so I decided to make  a pendant, as not to be a wasteful person ;) . I have played a bit with wire crochet on the central part, the basis it is a ceramic button, that I bought with the kids we each chose one button. I liked the texture. I  used a brick stich for seed bead detail.

I used: a ceramic button, cut jadeite,  jaspes rondelles, wire, sequins, toho cylinder beads, rivolies, cheap swarovskies, size 15 toho beads. hematite beads, leather.
So here is "The Grass snake eyes".

Your G

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My summery beaded bracelet

As I have a holiday, so it is a great time for me to sew and bead or bead and sew.

So the greatest work was on the bracelet and earings "Summer Melody"

The materials are Toho beads, some turqoise stones of different shapes. Colours- white-turqoise-orange/
The pattern for the leaves is  the same as the earings .

Happy beading but still enoying summer days,..they are so short.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Dream necklace

Hi so soon again, it is a wonderful summer, at day time I take care of the kids..cook, we go somewhere, swim in the river, make a pizza at home, play cards, play with Legos (as much as have enough patience). I dragged them to the stadium today ran just 2 miles and did some exercises, yet onto the beading....

I was insipred by my outfit- mint and lemon colour combo- so I have come up with this fringe necklace. I used a leftover chain, Chech seed beads 11 and 8 and an old button for a clasp. Herringbone for the base and chain.I am quite happy with the result, this type of necklace is fast to make, flowy and flattering to wear. ;)

So a fringe is fun to wear- flirtatious and nice :)

Neons are in fashion there is a great picture collection on Neons at Rebel Soul a very talanted Lithuanian beader :)

Happy beading get inspired by your outfits ';)
See you next time....

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Earings for the bracelet "You and Me"


I have just a quick piece to show; the earings for the bracelet "You and Me" (a post is here )
As the client sternly had told me she needed earings, too. However, I didn't have any stones which were used in the bracelet... so I used the same Chech seed beeds and colour that is what links the two together....
 If you wish to make a similar earing or turn it into a nice component-  as I did in my next work ;) It is a tutorial- in Italian- There are subtitles in English

A similar pair: I think the earings from this wonderful blog briggancs- are very similar to make, they are just thinner and the stone is bigger.

So much for now, I keep on working on another small project, as summer is very beautiful, I make a lot of excuses not to bead ;)