Thursday, October 30, 2014

Beaded bead earrings continue

 Hello shyly. I have been into beaded beads I admit :) What can be done?

The pattern is the same as previously :)

Happy beading ;)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Sewing adventures

My sewing also has been not so productive ;)

A tote bag for my mom in darker colours with appliqued houses and a blue lining.

So Houses Tote :)

And another one for my daughter of course with a Hello Kitty. I have tried to recreate.

So have fun sewing, what makes you happy?

Fun beaded earings and a link to the pattern

I once was impressed by this beaded bead- it is awsome takes me to make about 20 minutes, I think can be made in a shorter amount of time. It is just me soooo slow ;) In general I don't like working with two needles. There is a youtube beading guru Sedonia handmade she makes cool beaded beads. :) with one- check it out for example here .

These earrings include a beaded bead. This is  a link to beaded beads on YouTube :) beaded beads And a picture of a pattern is here :) I once learned it from an awsome beader Vitalija Velyviene.

 My earings are crazy and simple- had fun today for an hour ;) I call them "Colour explosions -red" I am going to make more of these I have had a kick on them recently. :)

Turquoise and red

And another little version:

Happy beading and using beaded beads :)


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Some pieces

HI hello I haven't been beading much I have new dog it has taken a lot of time ;)
Near our house in a chesnut avenue :)

So just two finished beading projects and one sewing:

From this:

To this
And another piece using leather and silk ;)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Soutache and beadwork bangle

Here is some bead work at last....

I have watched wonderful and easy to follow Jill Wisemans's tutorial Festival Lights Bracelet (here) and I have  made a bangle with twin (like duo) beads, but it was too flimsy so I made another one joined it with soutache piece and saved the day :)

I used grey twin beads, and Chech tiny black with silver lining beads and some sort of svarowskis- it is a great destashing project- I didn't buy anything had everything in my bead boxes (I am going to stop hoarding beads- I hope ;)))
Festival Lights Bangle inspired set :) the earrings are totally random just strung something :)

Here are some pictures in the process:
The bangles separately 

Have fun, see you soon :)


PS My country is beautiful in summer I like the countryside very much
The river not far from our house
I am a running fun fan ;)
Close to a sunset

Sewing adventures: smiley applique on a gift tote :)

Hi,  I haven't been writing as much as I would love to, of course. As we are getting into autumn I hope this bloggy of mine will be more productive, keeping my nail polish junkie's fingers crossed  :0) In reality I've been busy with my kids lately, as it's summer holidays for them.... Enough rambbling let's jump into it.

My tote bag nothing original ;( :
Up-cycled gift tote

A prepared smiley applique and my skirt
We needed a gift basket for a friend, so I thought... why not to make it a hand sewn tote, which could be used later for shopping or things like that.

I have had a circle skirt of gorgeous lovely soft wool fabric, I thought if I am not going to wear it so why not to use it for my projects.

So first I cut the paper pattern, I always loose them somewhere. Then I cut 2 pieces of the black material and as strap piece. I sewed the strap and made a smiley shaped applique.

I love appliques: here is my pinterest board for that applique-sewing  if someone is interested.
Pinned and bent the corners and sewed with a small small length stich slooowlyyyyyy
Here is my finished tote, it was a bit slouchy so I used some of these :

 didn't have any new ones or didn't find rather (embarrassed now....)

The final view : just put any gifts in side and to the party!!!

Have you appliqued any totes or bags?

PS Should I name my blog into all in threads? ;) Where are the beads????

Sunday, July 20, 2014

My sewing adventures: make-up bags

The summer is in its prime, I love this time. Usually I do some redecoration at home and travel- we went to Turkey and Latvia. My handicraft is suffering, but the hands are itching :) I am thinking about a quilt (partially a quilt- I will show when it is complete) for our master bedroom and bead work,of course. For now, some sewing:

The gift for a relative, a warm hearted lady from Ventspils (I enjoy making/sewing gifts- as they are faster than bead work). My machine sewn  make-up bags are made according to this pattern: easy flat bottomed make-up bag free pattern. 

I used some beads, some sequins, ribbon and a button for decorating. I used a thin interfacing for both the outer and inner fabrics. The fabric was totally given to me, I mean a gift by my mum-in-law. ;D (It is pretty cool when you lay your hands on some free fabric) 

From the other side and the lining:
The front view:

The square bag tut is here: the square bag.

I would make something about the lining differently, I don't like that the sewing stitches can be seen, if you try, you will see

And here is the apron for another kind lady, from the same fabric:

 Here is some other sewing I have done:

From the other side (here I used some jeans scraps, an old unworn green shirt and its fabric belt):

Have you sewn anything during this month? Do you make something out of unworn clothes?

Some pics from my trip to Turkey- mainly flowers ;)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A bead embroidery set "Violet Dream"

I have finished a bead embroidery set- VIOLET DREAM at last ;)

 My inspiration was gone... it has come or coming back  back at last ;)

My work in progress :) First, it looked like this:

Bead embroidery, semi precious stone in the centre- jasper, glued on crystals, custom dyed silk ribbons. ;)

 I have glued the embroidery to a thin cardboard, later glued to thin piece of leather and sewed around with beads.

Have a nice day :)