Friday, September 26, 2014

Sewing adventures

My sewing also has been not so productive ;)

A tote bag for my mom in darker colours with appliqued houses and a blue lining.

So Houses Tote :)

And another one for my daughter of course with a Hello Kitty. I have tried to recreate.

So have fun sewing, what makes you happy?

Fun beaded earings and a link to the pattern

I once was impressed by this beaded bead- it is awsome takes me to make about 20 minutes, I think can be made in a shorter amount of time. It is just me soooo slow ;) In general I don't like working with two needles. There is a youtube beading guru Sedonia handmade she makes cool beaded beads. :) with one- check it out for example here .

These earrings include a beaded bead. This is  a link to beaded beads on YouTube :) beaded beads And a picture of a pattern is here :) I once learned it from an awsome beader Vitalija Velyviene.

 My earings are crazy and simple- had fun today for an hour ;) I call them "Colour explosions -red" I am going to make more of these I have had a kick on them recently. :)

Turquoise and red

And another little version:

Happy beading and using beaded beads :)


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Some pieces

HI hello I haven't been beading much I have new dog it has taken a lot of time ;)
Near our house in a chesnut avenue :)

So just two finished beading projects and one sewing:

From this:

To this
And another piece using leather and silk ;)