Sunday, November 8, 2015

Little stuffed diy elephants (no beads)

Hi I am on a little stuffed animals kick. I found the pic on the Pinterest; they looked absolutely adorable to me (and my son agrees ;)) Here is that tutorial: 

And here is my version of the elephant. I think they can be an easy Christmas little gift. Mine are a bit light or flimay I need more stuffing. ;) My plan is to make a colourful appliquw on the belly and improve the legs. 
Bye for now ;)
And another version which I have made recently ;)

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My refashioning adventures ;)

Hi hello ...Labas (in Lithuanian) after a long long long break, I am so so happy I have downloaded a Blogger app -it is cool so convenient; it will be a reminder to do something with my beads ;) 

 I hopefully can find time to make some Christmas gifts or some acessories for myself ;) 

Do you ever buy on a whim ? I mean clothes, it happened with the dress; it is of the softest, the most gorgeous cotton that I like. However, the siluette didn't suit my figure. In irder to solve the problem, I have measured carefully  and cut off to make it shorter into a shirt. Of course careful hemming is necessary, have sewn sides in to make it narrower. Then I concocted a necklace from the bottom fabric. 

Don't throw away give your pieces a second chance. 

I am wearing the piece to the theatre it is not very chic but it was ok... 
Bye for a while!